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I'm Colleen; animal lover and photographer.

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you're here because you love your pets as much as I love photography (and my own two cats who fill my days with laughter). 

We are enriched by our animal companions; horses, cats, dogs and the others in our lives who look to us for support, security, and love. Though the species may vary, every animal lover knows each of them is unique, with his or her own personality.  To look into their eyes is to see a little piece of their soul. Bringing out that soul, that personality, and capturing it in a photograph is what I love.

To do that, I will come to the place your friend is happiest and most comfortable, whether that's your home, a favorite park or beach.  You will be involved in the process, playing with and entertaining each other as the camera takes it all in.  It's not really about me and the camera, it's about creating a safe space for you and your friend, and my being there with the right lens, the right light, and the right angle when the special moments happen.

I have experience working with many different kinds of animals and a host of references to help ensure that you are comfortable inviting me into the life you share with yours.

In my Photo Gallery pages, you will find samples of my work.  Take a moment to look through them; then I hope you'll schedule an appointment today!



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Colleen's Custom Pet Photography has been voted one of the region's best pet photographers six consecutive years.



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