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“I'll admit it, I was skeptical. My cat runs under the bed whenever guests come over. Some people have stayed with us for two days and never saw our Nick.   How was Colleen going to get a decent photo of him? I was amazed. Colleen's suggestion that we shoot the photos on his most favorite rug, as well as her very calm approach as she set up the lighting equipment peaked his curiosity.

By the time her equipment was ready, so was Nick. He posed like he had been doing this all his life. Thanks to Colleen I have gorgeous photos of Nick that will last a lifetime.  I've recommended her to many friends who have all been equally happy with their results.”
-Debbi Dodson

The Whole Family
Colleen is a brave soul. She took on our family pet population of six—4 dogs and 2 cats—and was still smiling when she departed. I figured there was no way that she would be able to corral our pet brood to be able to get any viable photos. However, she amazed me with her ability to get down at our pets’ level, interact with them, and make them comfortable with this stranger with all the lights and cameras all pointing at them. She waited until they were ready, then she began the magic. She took wonderful individual shots, and we were thrilled with that. However, she dared to go further and was able to pull off some terrific group shots that we didn’t think were possible.

Colleen is a true professional. She genuinely cares for the animals she’s photographing and that comes clearly across. Her patience, good humor, and “animal” charisma worked wonders with our pets, and we are most grateful for the fantastic results. She also plainly and thoroughly enjoys both animals and their immortalization in pictures.
-Stan and Pam Riggin

Overcoming Shyness
I can highly recommend Colleen Carnevale for her excellent work.  Not only is the finished product stunning, her work with the animals is inspiring.  She is able to quickly create a level of trust that is wonderful to see.  I have two cats.  The shyer one, who usually leaves the room when company comes, came alive.  He wanted to be a part of everything, actually peering over Ms. Carnevale as she took pictures of my other cat and patiently waiting his turn to be the center of attention.  Actually, the money spent on the photos was worth it just to see him have such a good time!
-Gail Portrey

Colleen did a superb job of capturing our toy poodle Bijou's wonderful qualities: her joyfulness, youthful energy, playfulness, and great love  for people. The beautiful pictures of Bijou bring all these, and more, to life. It was such a delight for us to watch Colleen interacting with Bijou to make her "pose" for Colleen's shots. Colleen's pictures of Bijou are Bijou's best photographs ever.
-Sandy Eriks and Ana Maria Andia

Colleen is fantastic! She was able to make Magik feel comfortable and at ease. It was as if Magik didn’t even know she was there. That allowed her to capture unique pictures that I absolutely adore. Each picture reveals Magik’s playful personality, and Colleen was able to bring that out in her with her patience and love of animals. Thank you Colleen, your work is beautiful!
-Janette Wilke

Beautiful Labs
I want to praise Colleen for the wonderful photos she took of my two large, boisterous labs. The dogs are so beautiful and I never could get a shot that captured that special look that is so endearing. Colleen patiently and calmly managed to get them to pose! I love the photos! She seemed to know when they would be receptive and catch the moments I wanted to have forever in the pictures. Thank you so much Colleen!
-Cathie Wilke

Colleen was wonderful with our dog Kuma, taking her time to get to know him and getting him comfortable with the camera and equipment.  The pictures came out beautifully, and we had a great time with Colleen walking Kuma through his first "red carpet" experience.
-Tiffany Allen and Jim Newton

guinea pig with camera

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